Mindfulness Bedrock #2: Move it or Lose it

Written by Gordon Blodgett

Photo by Jahangeer Bm

As most people can attest, we all want time off every year. If I just get through this semester, I can have some time off for myself. If I just get this one job, I will make enough money to be happy and content. If I just find the right person, then I will be whole. I find that these feelings come on due to an increased level of stress. We work so hard every day that we end up needing a weekend on the beach to recuperate our mind, body, and soul.

I thought this was a normal thing for many years. I am tired because I am working so hard and getting so much done. It couldn’t be anything else. But in my life, I have found several things that allow me to get the most done, while not needing a large break once a year.

Even though we do need time occasionally to regain energy and refocus, I have found several tools that have made my day-to-day less stressful, and more enjoyable. In fact, with these tools, I have ended up being more productive than I was without them. These all take time away from our important tasks but give us the mental space to focus more in the end.

Physical Activity

Photo by William Choquette

Countless studies have shown that regular physical activity 3-4 days a week can dramatically reduce stress, increase focus, and increase our confidence. For me personally, it doesn’t matter how much I am moving towards my career, I always feel as if I am not moving forwards in my life.  

What I am saying is that humans are meant to move. Back before technology and modernization, we had to hunt and gather our own food and resources. The day we quit moving was the day we died. But with our advances in science and innovative engineering, we no long need to hunt our food. We can travel to our local Walmart and get everything we need to survive.

 I know for most, the idea of going to the gym and sweating on a treadmill is the equivalent to Dante’s 7th ring of hell. I personally detest running in general. But I do love going for a bike ride or hiking through the mountains. I love going and exploring, while doing something physically active. I know many people that prefer going to Zumba or CrossFit. Whatever your version of physical activity, doing something active 3-4 days a week can greatly reduce your stress, and give you more focus.

Photo by AZ Quotes

This quote can apply to all manner of areas. By spending 3-4 hours a week doing something active, we can sharpen our mind and hone our focus on what is truly important in our lives. All of these mindfulness tips have been fundamental in focusing my energies on what I need to achieve. It may seem hard at first, because we are so used to running around from one task to another, but this small sacrifice of time will pay off enormously in the future.

By remaining physically active for the past few years, I have been able to clear the fog of my mind to see what is important and move forward on my dreams. I achieve more throughout my day and am overall a happier person. (just ask my wife)

I hope this helps you. What physical activity do you enjoy the most? How can you fit it into your jam-packed schedule? I would love to hear about it.

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I hope you have a wonderful Monday, and I will see you back here soon!

-Gordon Blodgett

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